Rapid ReHydrationDrops

Liquid ionic electrolytes that absorb quickly and rehydrate like I.V. fluids -created to solve the problems associated with dehydration from occupational Heat stress

Get higher levels of energy, stamina and hydration at the jobsite

Simply add to water or any liquid increasing hydration levels while reducing muscle cramps, headaches, mental and physical fatigue

Absorbs into the body 98% faster than water, allowing the body to replenish lost fluids, and electrolytes

Liquid Electrolytes that Charge, Energize & Protect for Optimal Hydration

  • Sodium

    Maintains fluid balance (blood flow) and helps nerve impulses reducing muscle cramps; plays an important role in responding to thirst.

  • Potassium

    Works together with sodium to regulate blood pressure andnerve function; also helps to support cardiovascular functions.

  • Chloride

    A forgotten electrolyte in many sports drinks; helps with efficient exchange of oxygen in the cells

  • Magnesium

    Supports muscle function, mood and bone health; plays a keyrole in the production and flow of energy, conducting nerve impulses throughout the body to prevent feeling fatigued

Rapidly Hydrating Industrial Athlete Using Ionic Electrolytes

Product Explanation

" Oral IV Hydration" at the jobsite is an essential tool : quickly relieve muscle cramps, fatigue and brain fog

JMAR Solutions - Rapid Rehydration (1) 4oz bottle


48 Servings

48 Servings
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    Trace Mineral Research Ambasador

    The modern diet and the soils are void of essential trace minerals. Plant-derived minerals are a great way to help replenish and restore our body with these trace minerals. TMR(Trace Mineral Research) has found the most concentrated and purest plant-based mineral deposit available.  

Jmar Wellness Solutions best uses and quick tips

  Suggested uses and tips : 8 to 12 drops per 8oz of liquid, preferably in water throughout the day. Doctors recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces a day on average, athletes and active lifestyles will need more.  💧Our Concentrated electrolyte drops can be added to hot or cold beverages. 5 to 10…

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