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We work with innovative companies and organizations that want effective proactive solutions to problems related to heat stress illnesses and exhaustion !

We get to replenish, energize and restore these companies' employees.
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Atlas Energy Solutions

Rick Steiskal

EHS Director

Atlas Energy Solutions

5918 W Courtyard Dr, Ste 500

Austin, TX 78730

Cell: 469.289.8326

[email protected]

Why Rapid Rehydration Drops Keeps You Upright

"We are a frac sand mining group in west Texas. That basically means that the used car salespeople and ambulance-chasing lawyers in the seventh circle of hell have a better working environment than our people do. Cold and wet in the winter, and hotter than heck for months on end in the summer makes for a challenging set of environmental conditions. We haven't experienced any heat, or dehydration, related events at our mining facilities since our employees have started this routine. We provide drops in the breakrooms so everyone can crack the lid and add a few drops in the morning before heading out. Most of the management adds it to their coffee while we sit around and discuss action item prioritization. 

Our employees have bought in and understand that their hydration is critical for their personal health and wellness. Hydration is also imperative when it comes to clear decision making, communication, and teamwork. Miners understand what it means to be their brothers keeper, and our people understand that if they are unprepared then they are putting more on the line than just themselves. We believe in a wholistic approach to all of our opportunities. I would not want to send our people out to work in the environmental conditions we face without JMar's Solution."


Atlas Energy


Keystone Concrete Placement Georgetown

Joseph Esquivel
Safety Manager
Office: (512) 931-3033

"I met Jennifer in May during Safety Week at one of my company’s premiere projects. The general contractor’s safety director invited her to speak on hydration. From the moment she started talking I knew she had a product I needed to get a hold of for all of my employees. We were using the typical Gatorade, Squenchers, etc. but I knew it wasn’t sufficient for our employees’ true hydration needs. I also used pickle juice and a hydration gel I purchased a couple of years back that seemed to help once they had gotten to a point of no return; sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. Her knowledge of her product and how to properly manage our industrial athletes was obvious almost instantly. I purchased the electrolyte drops and the rehydration packs and distributed them to all of my projects, commercial and structural. We had a couple of cases of heat illnesses that almost required medical attention but were mitigated by the electrolyte solution. We were getting stories of some of our employees using the drops at home as well and they said they were waking up refreshed and lucid. They were making through the day without the midday crash that they had experienced in the past.

I have been with Keystone Concrete going on 5 years now and have had at least one heat related illness every summer until this last one. We always talk about the signs and symptoms and how to mitigate them but I truly believe we are now using the best product to assist in our mitigation. Jennifer is an amazing person and has a servant’s heart. The product is second to none and the support from JMAR Solutions at any time of the day or day of the week is why I use and will continue to buy this product."


Keystone Concrete

RPM Expedite USA

Eric Kunz
Office: (817)-939-7745

“As a company we purchased JMAR’s hydration products as a health benefit to our warehouse crews and for a production improvement initiative. The results have been extremely positive. We have not had a heat related incident with our warehouse crews since we started using the liquid electrolytes and that was not the case in previous seasons, even with all the hydration safety protocols we had in place. My warehouse manager appreciates the added value & care Jen brings with every visit. She makes it a point to check in with everyone and is an amazing wellness coach. The crews love her energetic hydration demos at our safety meetings. I highly recommend her products and services.

On a personal note, I put electrolyte drops in my morning coffee and water all day everyday, & it has made a huge difference in my  day....more energy & mental focus being 2 positives! The immunity packets have been great as well for all day hydration & also boosting our immune systems.”


Advent Air Conditioning

Jared Douglas
Office: (972) 221-4373

“Texas heat is no joke when you are in the HVAC business. Every summer we make it a top priority to do everything we can to keep our technicians safe while working in hot attics, where temperatures can easily be over 120 degrees. It was very common to

Have techs calling in sick from dehydration and energy levels were understandably low at the end of each day. The summer before we started implementing JMAR’s hydration products, we unfortunately had to pull one of our Techs out of a hot attic after passing out.

The last two years we have been using the Rapid Rehydration electrolytes and have experienced an overall increase of energy and vitality with less technicians needing to call in sick. I am looking forward to another healthy summer working with Jennifer.

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Mentioned again on Metal Technologies' Social Media Safety Minute

As a follow up to our previous appearance on Metal Technologies Safety Minute, Brent Charlton summarizes the importance of wintertime hydration for workers, and a brief look at how JMAR Solutions can be utilized in the workplace to provide easy and instant hydration.

Recently featured on Metal Technologies' Social Media Safety Minute

Metal Technologies is a premiere metal casting company that uses modern technology and a highly productive workforce to produce the best quality product, since 1997.

They publish a weekly safety announcement to promote safe working practices.

Did you know that dehydration continues to be a problem during winter? In this week's update, Brent Charlton breaks down the reasons why, and what can be done.

JMAR Solutions is also mentioned, and will soon be featured on an upcoming episode.

Recently featured on the HeroTalk Podcast

Most of us have it wrong when it comes to one of most essential resiliency practices, hydration.

What is missing for most of us is trace mineral support which allows that pure, clean water to be absorbed on an intracellular level where it can be used, rather than excreted from the body. Proper hydration can be a literal matter of life and death in extreme cases, but on a day-to-day basis it is essential for peak performance mentally and physically.

Our guest, Jennifer Martinez, has over 20 years in the fitness industry with a specialty in all things hydration. She's dedicated to helping the hero community and has a direct relationship to that community via her husband, a veteran police officer.

You are going to love this show Heroes, enjoy!

Simple Effective Tips Boosting Your Immune System / Cold & Flu Season Defense w/ guest Dr. Starkey

Dr. Starkey from Trace Minerals shares easy inexpensive tips that build your bodies natural immunity defense. Feel energized and refreshed in every season of life. Empower yourself today. Reduce fear and anxiety, by taking a proactive approach to the upcoming cold and flu season.

This client uses our concentrated electrolyte solution in his dogs water daily to help reduce inflammation:

"Everyone knows our dog Cooper. He is 9 years old and has been through not one but two tplo surgeries for his hind legs.

We aren’t real active with him because he limps or seems tired after any extra activity. After the second day on these new minerals from Jmar Solutions he has so much more energy.

What an incredible difference it has made on his energy and seems to just be happier and just seems to eat better. I also have started using the mineral drops in my own water and just feel better throughout the day.

Thanks Jenn and Toby we love you guys."

David Linell

Recently featured on the CJEvolution Podcast

It doesn’t matter what profession you are in, if you don’t take care of your body you are going to struggle. Maybe you aren’t now, but you will at some point. Most of us need to take care of our bodies better than we are doing. Your body runs it all. When you are in better shape, you feel better and you have more clarity and energy to name a few.

"My next guest, Jennifer Martinez, is a fitness expert. She is also the founder of JMAR Solutions. She is also married to a police officer, so she knows the important of physical fitness for people on the job. Jennifer’s vision to rebuild, restore and renew vitality back into the labor force industry has been developing over the past 20 years through her successful work with sports teams and athletes. She is excited to share the ways she has kept her husband feeling his best and effectively operating in the very physically and mentally demanding career of police work.

Jennifer has over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry as a sports medicine trainer through NASM. Her contagious motivating energy, passion and witty humor has served her well, providing opportunities to have her own podcast, interviewing some of the top fitness professionals and entrepreneurs in the industry. She has the unique ability to simplify the overwhelming amount of information the health and fitness industry has to offer.

A highly informative interview.

Patrick Fitzgibbons, Host - CJEvolution

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REHYDRATE FASTER – Rapid Rehydration Drops are absorbed into the body 98% faster than water, allowing the body to replenish lost fluids and electrolytes quickly.

🔥 Heat stress and Overheating is driven by LACK OF ELECTROLYTES and Fluids— Over hydrating with plain water at the job site during a heat wave CAN 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
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⚡️+💧Oral IV hydration technology at the job site is a labor industry game changer especially during record breaking temperatures

Electrolyte infused Hydration is essential 💜
Today, our water needs to be purified, distilled and treated which can diminish or completely eliminate the mineral content and can lead to an electrolyte imbalance. To top it off, much of the water has become fluoridated, which binds to magnesium and sets you up for fatigue, muscle cramps, and spasms. In fact, the root cause of muscle cramps is usually from a lack of electrolytes, especially magnesium and potassium.

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And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

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Take action, trust God and Grow!!! #laborindustry #gamechanger Increasing #JobSiteSafety with our fast acting Rapid Rehydration Drops..
Jmar’s Solution to the $100 BILLION dollar a year problem caused by Occupational Heat Stress and Exhaustion.

Do you think drinking tons of filtered water prevents heat related illnesses?

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🚨 Did you know? Many Americans suffer from chronic dehydration and mineral deficiencies, leading to fatigue, weight gain, sugar cravings, muscle cramps, brain fog, anxiety, sleep troubles, restless legs, and spasms. 😫
⚡️Our Rapid Rehydration Drops are here to replenish those vital minerals adding immediate restoration and vitality. 💪

🌟 We put our electrolyte solution to the test with firefighters, and the results were impressive. They experienced better hydration while consuming less water compared to drinking excessive amounts of regular bottled water. 🚒💦 #FirstResponders

Jmar Wellness Solutions was created with hardworking labor industry professionals and first responders in mind. 🛠️👨‍🚒

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💧Adding liquid minerals to your beverages can boost your immunity and help your body fend off those pesky germs! 🦠 Stay hydrated, stay healthy! 💦🤩 #HydrationMatters

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COME CHECK THIS 😎 #FluSeason #HydrationSolutions

#TestimonialThursday :
“ I have to share….My son was recently sick. Vomiting every hour/ minimum. He could not keep filtered water down; not even a sip.

After the 5th hour I started to worry. I knew his electrolytes had to be off.

I gave him a drink of water with your drops in it. Asked him to sip like before. He did not get sick this time.

He struggles to drink but managed about 8oz in 1-2 hours. After, he noticed the flavor and asked what I did, so shared.

He was upset and requested filtered water only. I complied and within 15-20min his stomach started to hurt again and thought he was going to be sick and actually requested water with the Electrolyte drops again.

He’s on day 2 now and finally able to eat. We know we can’t say it was the drops, but as a nurse I know the electrolyte shifts that happen with vomit/ diarrhea. Your drops helped him” 🙏🏻🫶🏻🙏🏻

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🚨 Did you know? Many Americans suffer from chronic dehydration and mineral deficiencies, leading to fatigue, weight gain, sugar cravings, muscle cramps, brain fog, anxiety, sleep troubles, restless legs, and spasms. 😫 Our Rapid Rehydration Drops are here to replenish those vital minerals your body needs. 💪

But wait, there’s more! 🌟 We put our electrolyte solutions to the test with firefighters, and the results were impressive. They experienced better hydration while consuming less water compared to regular bottled water. 🚒💦

Jmar Wellness Solutions was created with hardworking labor industry professionals and first responders in mind. 🛠️👨‍🚒

👩‍💻 Dive into more amazing content on our website 👇

💧Adding Rapid Rehydration to your beverages can boost your immunity and help your body fend off those pesky germs! 🦠 Stay hydrated, stay healthy! 💦🤩 #Wellness #HydrationMatters

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🥤 Causes of Dehydration & Electrolyte Imbalance 🧪
Dehydration isn’t just about scorching heat! Check out these other reasons your electrolyte levels might drop:
• 🤒 Fever, diarrhea, or vomiting
• ❄️ Chilling indoors with AC
• ⛰️ High altitude = faster breathing = more fluid loss
• 💊 Some meds like diuretics
• 🩺 Diabetes (uncontrolled/undiagnosed)
• 🚽 Bladder infections
• 🍻 Overdoing alcohol
• 🤢 Feeling under the weather
• 🔥 Sauna sessions
Stay hydrated, friends! 💧 #HealthTips #StayHydrated”

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Did you know Hydration can’t happen without electrolytes?

You don’t have to go out in the heat to become dehydrated or to lose electrolytes.

Here are other reasons your body’s electrolyte levels may plummet:
• Having a fever, diarrhea, or vomiting
• Being inside in the air conditioning
• Spending time at a high elevation, where your body compensates for lower oxygen levels by taking faster and deeper breaths. This causes you to lose double the amount of fluid you normally would.
• Certain medications that cause you to pee more such as diuretics.
• Uncontrolled or undiagnosed diabetes, which causes you to go to the bathroom more often, can also lead to electrolyte deficiency.
• Bladder infections
• Drinking too much alcohol.
• Suffering from a cold, sore throat, or being sick to your stomach - for a healthy hydrated holiday season 🫶🏻

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#WinterHydration Symptoms of dehydration in the winter are often similar to flu symptoms like sore throat, headaches, fatigue, and body aches.

💧Adding Rapid Rehydration Drops to your daily water intake is a simple solution, just add 1 to 3 drops per ounce of water you consume.
( 8oz = 8/16 or 24 drops) or just shake and squirt the electrolytes into every glass of water like I do 😂

💧 Rapid Rehydration Drops can be added to any liquid to increase hydration levels any time of day ☕️ 🍵 🥤 🍺 🍹

Reminder - doctors recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces a day.

😘 links in bio -

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#thirstythursday💦 with Jmar 💁🏼‍♀️ Are you still drinking tons of water trying to increase hydration levels? We have to change the way we think about hydration.

We are chronically #dehydrated as a nation which causes unnecessary symptoms like headaches, extreme fatigue, muscle cramps and digestion issues.

🚨Drinking more bottled water will not increase your hydration levels because it lacks the minerals that fuel the bodies organs.

💧Water is the carrier of the electrolytes that our bodies need to maintain hydration levels.

⚡️Rapid Rehydration Drops helps the body absorb water for optimal hydration, loaded with the purest form of non synthetic Sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride reducing headaches, fatigue, muscle cramps and fluid retention.

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Fun in the sun with @lebertfitness and friends

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It is our mission to add value in Spirit, Soul and body through #ServantLeadership 🩵 It will never be about the dollar 💵 We consider it an honor to serve, restore and replenish hard working crews in the labor industry 🚧 promoting better relationships at every job site job site and more importantly at home #FamilyFirst

Get more info online 👉🏻 JmarSolutions.NET 🖥️

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#SweatySunday another triple digit heat workout at the track - We were definitely taking shots of the drops after each 400 🏃🏼‍♀️

💪🏼 Powered by ⚡️Rapid ReHydration Drops - #Replenish and #Restore the body for optimal hydration through osmosis , helping the body to stay hydrated for longer periods

⚡️Quick #ThirstQuenching Technology - increase performance, stamina and recovery

⚡️Adding Rapid Rehydration Drops to daily water intake or taken as a concentrated shot - helps to reduce #WaterRetention - it is loaded with fast absorbing liquid electrolytes #Sodium , #Potassium #Chloride and #Magnesium that are easily lost through sweat, urine and poor nutrition - ZERO ADDITIVES or SUGARS

Check us out online - link in bio

** NOT ALL SODIUM IS EQUAL ** processed table salt or foods high in preservatives should be avoided for optimal health and hydration

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