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We get to replenish, energize and restore these companies' employees.
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Mentioned again on Metal Technologies' Social Media Safety Minute

As a follow up to our previous appearance on Metal Technologies Safety Minute, Brent Charlton summarizes the importance of wintertime hydration for workers, and a brief look at how JMAR Solutions can be utilized in the workplace to provide easy and instant hydration.

Recently featured on Metal Technologies' Social Media Safety Minute

Metal Technologies is a premiere metal casting company that uses modern technology and a highly productive workforce to produce the best quality product, since 1997.

They publish a weekly safety announcement to promote safe working practices.

Did you know that dehydration continues to be a problem during winter? In this week's update, Brent Charlton breaks down the reasons why, and what can be done.

JMAR Solutions is also mentioned, and will soon be featured on an upcoming episode.

Recently featured on the HeroTalk Podcast

Most of us have it wrong when it comes to one of most essential resiliency practices, hydration.

What is missing for most of us is trace mineral support which allows that pure, clean water to be absorbed on an intracellular level where it can be used, rather than excreted from the body. Proper hydration can be a literal matter of life and death in extreme cases, but on a day-to-day basis it is essential for peak performance mentally and physically.

Our guest, Jennifer Martinez, has over 20 years in the fitness industry with a specialty in all things hydration. She's dedicated to helping the hero community and has a direct relationship to that community via her husband, a veteran police officer.

You are going to love this show Heroes, enjoy!

Simple Effective Tips Boosting Your Immune System / Cold & Flu Season Defense w/ guest Dr. Starkey

Dr. Starkey from Trace Minerals shares easy inexpensive tips that build your bodies natural immunity defense. Feel energized and refreshed in every season of life. Empower yourself today. Reduce fear and anxiety, by taking a proactive approach to the upcoming cold and flu season.

This client uses our concentrated electrolyte solution in his dogs water daily to help reduce inflammation:

"Everyone knows our dog Cooper. He is 9 years old and has been through not one but two tplo surgeries for his hind legs.

We aren’t real active with him because he limps or seems tired after any extra activity. After the second day on these new minerals from Jmar Solutions he has so much more energy.

What an incredible difference it has made on his energy and seems to just be happier and just seems to eat better. I also have started using the mineral drops in my own water and just feel better throughout the day.

Thanks Jenn and Toby we love you guys."

David Linell

Recently featured on the CJEvolution Podcast

It doesn’t matter what profession you are in, if you don’t take care of your body you are going to struggle. Maybe you aren’t now, but you will at some point. Most of us need to take care of our bodies better than we are doing. Your body runs it all. When you are in better shape, you feel better and you have more clarity and energy to name a few.

"My next guest, Jennifer Martinez, is a fitness expert. She is also the founder of JMAR Solutions. She is also married to a police officer, so she knows the important of physical fitness for people on the job. Jennifer’s vision to rebuild, restore and renew vitality back into the labor force industry has been developing over the past 20 years through her successful work with sports teams and athletes. She is excited to share the ways she has kept her husband feeling his best and effectively operating in the very physically and mentally demanding career of police work.

Jennifer has over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry as a sports medicine trainer through NASM. Her contagious motivating energy, passion and witty humor has served her well, providing opportunities to have her own podcast, interviewing some of the top fitness professionals and entrepreneurs in the industry. She has the unique ability to simplify the overwhelming amount of information the health and fitness industry has to offer.

A highly informative interview.

Patrick Fitzgibbons, Host - CJEvolution