Electrolyte Replacement Solutions

Rapid Rehydration And Restoration!

Powerful Blend Of essential electrolytes

Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, and Chloride: These superpowers work together too improve body function, mental awareness, and a range of important benefits

Helps Prevent Heat Related Injury

An economical, effective and proven method to reduce the rate of heat stress induced injuries and improve productivity.

Replaces Lost Electrolytes

Contains an optimum balance of electrolytes and magnesium that are lost during perspiration and other types of dehydration.

Clean Concentrated Electrolyte Solution

Jmar Wellness Solutions provides a special blend of electrolytes your body needs to perform at optimal levels of energy stamina and hydration for the high heat stress of industry

Rehydrates Faster

Concentrated electrolyte drops are absorbed into the body 98% faster than water, allowing the body to replenish lost fluids, minerals and electrolytes quickly.

Zero Sugars or Additives

Won't weigh you down like other electrolyte drinks and formulas.

Rapid Recovery. Long-Lasting Results.

Individuals immediately feel improved focused, increased energy, reduced brain fog.

Simple applicable solutions boosting performance

Focused energized employees

Increased productivity

Stronger relationships at work and home

Implementing wellness lifestyle habits

Employees who feel good are more productive, take less days off and have better relationships at work and home.

What about Sports Drinks?

Drinking sweet sports drinks is counter-effective because they are loaded with sugar and many times can do more harm than good 

They contain : 

  • icon-salt-shaker


    an important electrolyte but needs to be balanced with potassium, calcium and magnesium to effectively work in the body during times of exertion.

  • icon-sugar

    Sugar and artificial sugars

    rob the body of essential nutrients

  • icon-dye

    Artificial dyes and additives

    are proven to cause cognitive disorders for most people

  • icon-caffeine


    increases blood flow and pressure adding stress to the heart and fatigue

Our hydration program uses the proper balance of ionic minerals providing maximum absorption to the body which protects vital organs, reducing incidents of heat illnesses related to dehydration.



Jmar Solutions Manufacturer 

Is a trusted brand for over 40 years, that has been dedicated to combating the growing problem of mineral deficiency and imbalance in modern society. By harvesting the health-promoting ionic minerals found in the Utah’s Inland Sea. 


“Experts estimate 90 percent of Americans suffer from mineral imbalance and deficiency” 


Americans suffer from a mineral imbalance due to the marketing of refined nutrient poor foods, stress and over exertion. 

The combination of these imbalances can result health related issues such as brain fog, muscle cramps, extreme fatigue and diseases. 

Does your Company Wellness Program Include Hydration?

Most corporate wellness programs focus on fitness programs and nutrition which is important but does not address the problems that come with those in the labor industry. Adding a hydration program will not only help your employees be more productive but will increase your bottom line.