Winter Hydration Tips / Rapid Rehydration Drops

Dehydration can actually increase in the winter months. Chilly dry air increases the amount of water vapor we lose by just breathing, respiration increases dramatically compared to breathing on warm, humid days. The body still sweats in the winter, but we don’t feel the sweat because it evaporates quickly in a cold dry environment.


Symptoms of dehydration in the winter are often similar to flu symptoms like sore throat, headaches, fatigue, and body aches. Adding concentrated electrolytes to your daily water intake is a simple solution, just add one drop per ounce of water you consume. *Reminder – doctors recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces a day. simply add one drop per ounce of water.


*Cold weather decreases your thirst sensation so it is important to have systems in place that will encourage you to drink water.


5 effective winter hydration tips –

  1. Warm drinks like coffee and teas will dehydrate your body even more because of the caffein and sugars in them.

– Adding concentrated electrolytes to these liquids will help but it is important to drink at least 12 to 24 oz of electrolyte infused      water after consuming these liquids.

  1. Keep a water bottle with you at work as a visual reminder to hydrate.
  2. Set a goal for each day with marked water bottles to finish by the end of a workday.
  3. Keep a water bottle by your bedside as a reminder to start your day with fresh clean electrolyte infused water.
  4. Enjoy a refreshing immunity hydration packet daily to get the Vit C and electrolytes needed to support energy and vitality