Our Story

JMARSolutions serves to fill a void for companies in the labor industry by providing simple wellness solutions that increase productivity and focus while reducing stress and fatigue through our proven hydration system.


It is our vision

to add value and meet the needs of your employees. We have the creative solution to the often over looked real problems that the labor industry faces. By taking the proven practices and hydration programs used successfully with athletes and sports teams we know we can reduce fatigue, stress and the brain fog often found with those who work in extreme environments. The health and wellbeing of your skilled craftsmen and labor force employees are essential to your company’s ability to produce and stay competitive. 


Company Core Values


Does your Company Wellness Program Include Hydration?

Most corporate wellness programs focus on fitness programs and nutrition which is important but does not address the problems that come with those in the labor industry. Adding a hydration program will not only help your employees be more productive but will increase your bottom line.


Jennifer Martinez

Founder, Owner

Jennifer Martinez is the founder of JMAR.Solutions but her most cherished accomplishment is being a full time mom of two and a wife to her best friend Toby Martinez. She loves God, believes strongly in putting family first and has a passion to help others achieve healthy energized lifestyles. Jennifer’s daughter Alex(24) and son Toby Jr(21) are accomplished students and athletes that now appreciate their moms “health nut” ways.

Jennifer’s vision to rebuild, restore and renew vitality back into the labor force industry has been developing over the past 20 years through her successful work with sports teams and athletes. She is excited to share the ways she has kept her husband feeling his best and effectively operating in the very physically and mentally demanding career of police work.

Jennifer has over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry as a sports medicine trainer through NASM. Her contagious motivating energy, passion and witty humor has served her well, providing opportunities to have her own podcast, interviewing some of the top fitness professionals and entrepreneurs in the industry. She has the unique ability to simplify the overwhelming amount of information the health and fitness industry has to offer.

Her professional accomplishments include an extensive study of kinesiology and women’s studies at TWU and UNT in Denton,Texas. She has several years of experience developing college, high school and middle school strength and conditioning programs for football, basketball, baseball, volleyball and track athletes.


Toby Martinez

Director of Operations, Owner

Toby Martinez is a loving husband, devoted father and a God fearing friend to many. As a law enforcement officer for the past 22 years he understands the external and internal health hazards facing police officers change to first responders . Toby has consistently fueled his body using the programs and lifestyle techniques found in JMAR.Solutions programs.

On a daily basis officers face the daunting task of responding to the dark side of society’s ills. External pressures include high speed pursuits, foot chases, family violence, murders, assaults, suicides, mental health incidents, manpower issues, etc. These external pressures can force officers to make split second decisions requiring them to be prepared both physically and mentally in order to respond in a professional manner. Proper health and fitness allows officers to physically stay in the fight, but just as important to have the mental clarity to process information. Internally officers face deteriorating health issues due to sleep deprivation, fatigue, brain fog, loss of focus, poor diet, lack of energy, lack of exercise, mental stress, etc. Regardless of the external and/or internal health hazards officers are facing they will be held to a higher standard for their actions. As a college athlete and 22 year law enforcement veteran he has fought these external and internal battles to stay healthy both physically and mentally.


Bob McMillen

Chief Technology Officer, Owner

Robert McMillen is Battea’s Chief Security Officer, responsible for data security and the design and implementation of the company’s data center and telecommunications infrastructure. He has over 25 years of experience building and supporting financial technology and infrastructure. Prior to joining Battea, he was a member of the management team at NYFIX, Inc., where he held various leadership roles, including Director of Applications Development and VP of Systems Architecture. He co-designed, implemented and supported six generations of the NYFIX Data Center, a leading financial trading network processing millions of real-time trading transactions on a daily basis. He designed and implemented the Data Center’s WAN infrastructure used on the NYSE floor and on NYFIX’s client trading desks in the buy-side and sell-side community. He was also responsible for the design, implementation, and support of the company’s Oracle and Sybase databases and EMC storage infrastructure.

Robert has worked for and consulted to a number of top financial firms and Fortune 500 companies, including Eastman Kodak, Donaldson Lufkin and Jenrette, Smith Barney, Reuters, Digital Equipment Corporation, JP Morgan, and SoftBank Corp. He has consulted to firms in international financial centers in London, Tokyo and Singapore. During his tenure with these firms, he designed, developed, enhanced, and implemented numerous trading and/or market data platforms.


Toby Martinez JR

Vice President of Operations, JMAR Solutions

Toby Martinez Jr. is a innovative young professional who currently serves as the Vice President of Operations at JMAR Solutions. At just 22 years old, he has already carved out an impressive career in the tech industry. His journey began with a strong foundation in website development, a skill that he has continually honed and leveraged throughout his career.

In addition to his professional achievements, Toby is a former lifetime athlete who had a promising offer to play football for Stephen F. Austin before a setback occurred. He herniated two discs in his back, which required resilience and determination to overcome. This experience has further shaped his character and determination to succeed. He is a shining example of how dedication, skill, and a values-driven approach can lead to significant achievements at a young age.

Toby is deeply committed to his faith, which guides him in both his personal and professional life. He believes in living a life that aligns with his values, and this is evident in how he conducts himself in the business world. Toby is also a strong advocate for healthy living, having embraced the lifestyle techniques and programs advocated by JMAR Solutions. He credits these practices with fueling his body and mind, enabling him to perform at his best.

At JMAR Solutions, Toby is responsible for overseeing the operational aspects of the company. He utilizes his extensive background in tech and operations to drive innovation and efficiency within the company. His approach combines cutting-edge technological solutions with streamlined operational processes, ensuring that JMAR Solutions remains at the forefront of its industry.